Managing Timesheets
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Managing Timesheets

Employees can be given permission to manage other employee's timesheets. A timesheet manager can view, edit and even delete timesheets, depending upon their permission level. Any employee whose Permission Level allows timesheet management (for example Administrator or Manager) can manage timesheets and will see the  Timesheets tab. If you do not see the Timesheets tab then you have not been given a Permission Level with timesheet management permissions. You can check an employee's Permission Level from the Employees tab.

If the employee's permission level allows only limited timesheet management then the employee will need to be added to the permission list for one or more employee groups. This can be done by clicking the Groups link under the Employees tab, then clicking one of the groups in the list. In the Permissions section for the group click the Edit button and add the employee to the permission list with the appropriate permission level. The Groups topic has more information.

Note: You can use timesheet management permissions to create "time keepers" - employees with the ability to enter time for other employees. This avoids the need to log in as another user in order to fill out their timesheet. If implementing time keepers it is recommended that you create a new Permission Level with only the minimum required timesheet permissions such as manage, edit and create. The Permission Levels topic has more information.

Timesheet Lookup

To list employee timesheets click the Timesheets tab, enter an appropriate Start date, then click the Search button. You can optionally enter a Finish date and Status in order to narrow down the list of returned timesheets.

If you do not find any timesheets then you may have only limited timesheet management permissions. As mentioned above, you may need to be added to the permission list for one or more employee groups.

Clicking a Time Period link in the list will load that employee's timesheet. Depending upon your permission level, you may be able to edit or even delete this timesheet.

Exporting Timesheets

If your permission level allows it you can export the list of timesheets by clicking the popup menu in the upper right of the list and then clicking the Export List link. This will export the timesheet status information as displayed in the list to your local computer, in comma-separated value (CSV) format. This file can then be opened in Microsoft Excel or other applications that support the CSV format. You can optionally change this to Microsoft Excel's native format (XLS) by clicking the Preferences link on the Home tab.

Clicking the Export Timesheet Data link will download the time entries for each timesheet in the list as a file that you can save on your local computer. This is useful for exporting time entries to external systems such as Payroll processing applications. You can optionally mark time entries as being exported, so that you can avoid re-exporting the same data. Once a timesheet has been marked as exported it cannot be unsubmitted (unlocked) for re-editing. You will need to make corrections to the timesheet by clicking the "Add Correction" button. This is a safeguard to avoid modifying previously exported time entries. Note that administrators (those with the "Can Manage All" timesheet permission) can bypass this restriction and still unsubmit a previously exported timesheet, if the need arises.

Note that only submitted (locked) timesheets can be marked as exported.

Another option for getting access to timesheet data is to run a Timesheet Details report. This report can be customized to only output the fields you require, and can be downloaded in a number of formats, including Microsoft Excel. The Reports topic has more information.

Importing Timesheets

If your permission level allows it you can import timesheet data by clicking the popup menu in the upper right of the list and then clicking the Import Timesheet Data link. The Importing/Exporting topic has more information.

Printing Timesheets

The 'Print Timesheet' option in the popup menu in the upper right corner of the timesheet list allows you to download a PDF hard copy of all of the timesheets in the list. This is useful if you need to print out multiple timesheets for signing, for instance. Note that, rather than printing the entire list, you can print selected timesheets by clicking the checkbox on each row before selecting the 'Print Timesheets' option.

You can also print individual timesheets by clicking the time period link in the timesheet list, then clicking the 'Print' view button in the upper-right corner of the timesheet. This will download a PDF version of the timesheet suitable for printing.