Crew Timesheet
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Crew Timesheet

Crew timesheets allow the daily entry of time for groups (crews) of employees. Crew timesheets are a convenient and efficient way to enter time for crews of employees that do not record their own time, such as field workers on construction sites.

Note: You can change the terminology for 'Crew' to suit your organization's needs. The Terminology topic has more information.

Crew timesheets are accessed from the "Crew Timesheet" tab. To access this tab crew timesheets they must first be enabled from the System > General > System Options page. In addition, you must be a timesheet manager or approver for at least one group, and have the 'Can View Crew Timesheet' option enabled in your employee permission level.

Configuring Crew Timesheets

The fields that appear on the crew timesheet (e.g. Hours, Project, Task, etc.) come from the timesheet template of the employee that appears first in the crew. To add employees to the crew simply click the "Add Employee" link at the bottom of the list of employees, then choose the appropriate employee(s) to add. You can also add employees to the crew by going to the Employees > Groups page and configuring the list of employees for each crew (group).

If you are an administrator (that is, you can edit timesheet templates on the System > Templates page), then you will be able to alter they layout of the crew timesheet. To do this, click the "More" menu button (the triangle icon in the upper-right corner of the crew timesheet) on the Crew Timesheet page, then click the "Timesheet Options" link. You will have access to the following layout settings:



Day Fields

Choose which fields from the timesheet template should appear at the top of the crew timesheet. Day fields values apply to every row and column of the crew timesheet for the selected date.

Column Fields

Choose which fields from the timesheet template should appear above each column where the hours are entered. Column field values apply to every row in the column.

Row Fields

Any remaining fields that are not selected as day or column fields are considered row fields, and will show up on each row for each employee.

Show Employee ID

Check this option if you want to display the Employee ID column next to the Employee column in the layout. Note that even if not checked, the user can always view an employee's ID and other properties by clicking the employee's name in the crew timesheet.

Employee Grouping

Use this option to group certain types of employees at the top of the list of employees on the crew timesheet. For instance, you might want employees with the Permission Level of 'Manager' to always be at the top of the list. Another example is to group employees with the Policy 'Full Time' at the top of the list, so that 'Part Time' employees sort below them (note that these policy names are not built into the product and are just examples).

Blank Rows

If you have one or more asset types enabled for this crew timesheet template then you can specify whether a blank row is shown for each employee in the crew if no data has been entered.  For instance, a Materials tab might not associate entries with employees and would not want a blank row for each employee.  However, an Equipment tab might want a row for each employee in the crew as equipment usage would be associated with a crew member.

Tab Direction

You can choose whether the tab key will take you to the next column (horizontal) or to the next row (vertical).

Remember Last

This option will determine how many previously selected projects, tasks, etc. will be remembered for easy access.

Crew Parent Field

If you have a lot of crews you may want to organize them into different categories or types. For instance, you might create a group custom field named "Region" and specify a geographic region for each crew. Specify the "Region" field in this example for the crew parent field in order to make browsing for crews more convenient.

Crew Approval Kiosk

You can access a special "kiosk" version of the Pacific Timesheet web interface that provides a streamlined or simplified crew timesheet approval page. From the Crew Timesheet click the "more" menu (the triangle in the upper-right corner of the page) and select the "Crew Approval Kiosk" option. The Crew Approval Kiosk gives you a "read-only" report of the crew timesheet data in either weekly or daily format, and allows you to submit, approve or reject the data, depending upon your permissions.

You can provide your clients with the link to this page (e.g. to allow them to review and approve timesheet data. You will need to provide them with a Pacific Timesheet employee account so that they can log in. This account should have very limited permissions, e.g. only the ability to approve timesheets, and no timesheet template. Your application specialist can assist you with setting up such client access accounts.